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STRATUS Academia - The Learning Platform

Mentoring and coaching are becoming the most rewarding investment an organisation can make to improve their performance and help people to reach their professional and personal goals and yet go beyond their limits.

Mentees and Coachees quickly become aware of the benefit mentoring and coaching brings to their success in their professional and private life. Every top performer in business, on boards or in sports has their own mentor or coach. It is an experience everyone needs to make, not only to cope with difficulties but to go beyond  their limits. As professional mentors we are keeping the relationship, the logbook and the process going. Of course anyone could come to a result on their own, but when and how?  How much time do we allow ourselves for reflection? As mentors we are committed to learning, as learning means growing. Learning shapes our lives.

That is what STRATUS Academia stands for. We help people to reflect in order to unleash their resources and full potential. We accompany their journey within themselves through challenging reflection. In our sense Mentoring is SPA for the mind.

As part of a global network of professionals, we put our creativity and over 25 years of experience in human resources management and development at the service of our clients, paying particular attention to leadership development, diversity management and senior executives who need to reflect upon their performance with an experienced sparring partner, with a view to gaining fresh perspectives.